About the 3D Skating Analysis System


Our 3D Skating Analysis System is the first true 3 dimensional motion capture system in the world. By developing the system in collaboration with the University of Calgary, we have created a tool for coaches, players and strength trainers to be able to critically analyze the forward stride of a hockey player which will allow you to identify, with precise scientific accuracy, the fundamental movements of a hockey player while they skate. Our goal by creating this system is to give coaches individual feedback on a player so they can determine where a player may have technical skating issues or a functional weaknesses that could eventually lead to an injury and/or detrimental play.




The 3D Skating Analysis System works by using high-speed infrared cameras from Vicon. Players are setup with retro-reflective dots that allow the computer to identify the various body segments. As the player skates, the computer calculates the exact 3D location of each body segment every 240 Hz and, subsequently, all the major Biomechanical variables critical to skating are calculated the moment the motion capture is complete.

Once the motion capture is complete, the data is compiled into an easy to read report for the player and alongside a coach, a game plan can be developed on how to improve their overall skating ability and strength while decreasing their risk of becoming injured so they can play the game they love.

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